Some words I’ve written

Good copy can be the difference between a ‘meh’ and a ‘hell yeah’. I’ve written words for every kind of media, from campaigns to launch new credit cards through to university prospectuses, broadband product pages, gym websites and twee poems about dads.

Check out some examples below and, if you like what you see, get in touch and I’ll write some words for you.

Poster. Text reads: We like cake. We also like you. If you don't like it, we'll happily take it back. We really like cake.
University of Nottingham prospectus. Text reads: Forget ordinary.
Credit card banner. Text reads: Credit cards. No good in the apocalypse. Great for getting your finances in order.
Hallmark tone of voice sample. Text reads: Mmm, ideas.
Picture of broken bus-stop poster. Text reads: don't get stressed,  get even.
Father's day poem for Interflora.
Hallmark tone of voice sample: Text reads: This is how we do it.
Father's Day poem for Interflora. Reads: Dads are all sizes, but some aren't related. But everything you do should be celebrated.
Marks and Spencer poster: Raise your pen.
University of Nottingham prospectus. Hashtag meant to be.
University of Nottingham poster. Imagine if you discover the next big thing.
Protein powder website. Text reads: Proven products. Peak performance.
first direct poster. This time tomorrow you could be making an offer on your new place. Mortgages approved in one day.
first direct Apple Pay banner. Text reads: Measures your heart rate, predicts the weather and now even pays for your coffee.
Plusnet web page.
plusnet web page copy
Credit card ad. Text reads: Nothing of interest here. Get 18 months interest free on balance transfers with your first direct credit card.
Banner. Text reads: we like ideas. Bg, juicy ideas. Little bite-sized ideas. Ideas you'd show your mum. Ideas of all sorts are welcome at the University of Hull.
Hallmark tone of voice example. Text reads: Happiness is our reason for doing what we do. Yeah, we make cards, but to us they're smiles that you open and put on your shelf.
University of Hull poster. Text reads: Hello. Shall we? Hull UK City of Culture 2017, brought to you in partnership with the University of Hull.
first direct poster. Text reads: Products well worth the attention.
Sandtone poster. Text reads: Comes in St Ives, Blackpool Pleasure and Cleethorpes.
first direct arena toilet signage. Text reads: Excited? We are. Too excited? The toilets are that way.
Uni. of Nottingham prospectus. Text reads: Go beyond.
Web page for Demolition Therapy campaign.
Web page for Demolition Therapy campaign.
Cornwall holidays web page for Parkdean Resorts.
Marks and Spencer poster. Buy a card, send a smile.
University of Nottingham poster: Imagine if you found a cure. Now stop imagining and believe it's meant to be at the University of Nottingham.
Protein powder website. Text reads: Beat yesterday.
Protein powder website. Text reads: Fitness finessed.
Voxi launch. Cube on roundabout.
first direct recruitment banner. Are you a people person kind of person?
British Airways poster. Text reads: British Always.
Plusnet chocolate bar. Some extra mega bites just for you.

Like these words? Think you’d like some for yourself? Of course you would! Drop me a line and let’s talk copy.