What’s the point?

About three times a day I find myself thinking, “What’s the point?”

When my alarm goes off at 07:05, I wonder what the point is in waking up.

When I miss my tram by 30 seconds because I hit snooze on that alarm, I wonder what the point is in going to the office.

When I get a brief, I wonder what the point should be in the idea.

Too often an idea gets put forward with no point at all. It looks nice, it gets attention, but what is it actually for? What’s it saying? What’s it going to make someone do?

I was always told that my ideas needed to be more focussed. The phrase was ‘a simple human truth’. That’s what they were missing. They were nice lines but they had no meat on their bones. No purpose. No point.

Now, whenever I write, I wonder what point I should be making. And you should too.

Do you want someone to visit a website or call a number?

Do you want someone to recommend a friend or buy a product?

Do you want viral fame?

Understand your point and make that the sole focus of your idea. If you do, it’s much more likely to achieve it.